Medsaic Pty Ltd was formed as a spin-off company from the University of Sydney. It was established to commercialise a new platform technology that uses antibody microarrays for the diagnosis of disease by the identification of proteins on the surface of whole cells. Medsaic has named this technology DotScan™.

DotScan™ has three components, each of which is patent protected:

  • A single use diagnostic test kit containing a nitrocellulose coated glass slide carrying an array of dots of discriminatory antibodies and the reagents needed to perform the test.
  • A slide reader (DotReader™) to capture an optical image of the test slide and record the pattern of cell binding to antibodies.
  • A software package for acquisition of data from the slide reader, producing a quantitative and comprehensive report of the surface profile for the population of cells analysed.

The surface profiles obtained from live cells provide signatures for the diagnosis and prognosis of any disease involving abnormal cells or biological particles, and is ideally suited for research applications.  Theoretically, DotScan™ can be used to monitor disease progression and to determine the efficacy of antibody treatment and or chemotherapy on an individual patient.

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